After being a long time in the Early Access we finally cross the finish line and pushed the Big Green Button.

It is hard to express our emotions. Let say simple it was very long and hard way, we made a lot of updates, changed few engine versions, and was fighting a lot with many bugs and fixing spots that needed improvements.

Few words from Andrey KPy3O Suhachev:
“This day finally came, we tried to reach it as hard as possible. We went through a lot of difficulties, life problems and troubles. I remembering now how all was beginning, that good, fun time 🙂 In the finishing line not much power left, but while looking at good review and community support itself, fire keep burning, that helped to finish our job and get to the full release. I hope you will enjoy this game, from my side I put in this game my soul and huge amount of power and hardworking. Part of my soul will always stay in this forest.”

Few words from the team members:
Thanks to your support we could go through all the troubles. Without it probably our development could ended just after second section, but hopefully we got five sections! That shows how strong is our community!

We thank you very much who waited patiently full release and hope it will not disappoint you. Also, we welcome new players, now they can buy our game without any worries that it never leave Early Access. If you still have doubt you can check out free demo version right here even in IndieDB:

We will continue support our game and fixing serious problems if they appear.

Also, we have small request.
Please tell about The Cursed Forest so more people will know about our game. It will help us to pay back our development and allow us to start work on the new game project. This will open for us new Horizons and will allow us to blow dust from our ideas and concepts that we made a lot during development time. With this support after short break we will be able to start making something new and make it much faster!

That is all for now, please support us if it possible and follow the news! It will be very interesting!