We allow if users will post video with some game walkthrough, streams, talk-shows, screenshots or materials that made by them and has things that related with our game on their web-sites, youtube, twitch, devianart, etc. Materials can’t include information that somehow discredit name of our company – Noostyche. Materials can be monetize on partner program like youtube or similar web-sites, but we don’t allow to sell it, rent, license or somehow give it to the third person and have some money from that as a reward. To show people our material only after get payment also not allowed.
All materials can be used for advertisement purpose without telling authors about that.
We not give any rights to use game content (or parts of the game) for the commercial purpose or other targets, we don’t provide any license for using our product for the getting commercial incomes.
If you have any question about license right, or product of company Noostyche, and also about other juridical questions please message us on our email:


Best regards,
Team Noostyche.