We could made in time a new update!

We will not mention again about difficulties that we had during the passing year, and let’s talk about good news. Last year of our early access is finishing, we will hope that our game will deserve your expectations and bring you good impressions. We want to say thank you for your big support, for the big patience while waiting full release, and thank you that you still after all this time with us.

Your support and feedbacks helped us to solve many problems, that before looked hard to solve. Together we finally reach the final line and now just little time left to go. We hope that full game release will be exact at January 2019 as we planned.

And now we will talk about what included in our update:

  • We add new events for the 5th section.
  • Now brightness and gamma after level launch should be same as it was chosen in option (not just after autosave)
  • We fixed game shut downs after starting new game on Linux, it still can happen but more rarely than before.
  • Small improvements.
  • Also, we want to show to the people that interested example how Andrey KPy3O work daily during this year:

    That how step by step our game was made. We want to wish you successful ending of all your plans in this year and wish success in all new plans in the new year!

    Happy New Year!