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DLC release with official soundtrack and more language support.

Here it is our last (maybe) The Cursed Forest update! We include in it different fixes and fan translation for three languages: Hungarian, Italian and French. DLC include 19 music tracks! Let’s start with DLC! It including: 9 tracks from Nikita Yamov + vocal from Anna “WarmWinter” Yakubenko. 10 tracks from Konstantin Shmyrev. Art

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The Cursed Forest is released! The Cursed Forest v1.0.0?

Finally, The Cursed Forest is released, but there is a nuance. We finally crossed the finish line, and complete that long difficult way. All what is left now is to push the Big Green Button. So, what is stopping us from doing it now?! We consulted about the best release date and convinced to make

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Happy New Year! The Cursed Forest v0.7.8.

We could made in time a new update! We will not mention again about difficulties that we had during the passing year, and let’s talk about good news. Last year of our early access is finishing, we will hope that our game will deserve your expectations and bring you good impressions. We want to say

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Pre-Christmas. The Cursed Forest v0.7.7.

Well this 2018 year soon will be ended, same as The Cursed Forest development. No compromises. Main part of our project is finally made: All main events are released even the finals one. Main level-design work is finished only small improvements are left to do. Final credits is included : ) One of the important

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Release date is decided! The Cursed Forest v0.7.6.

We finally decided our game full release date! It will be in the end of January. It will help us to improve the game without rush and prepare promotion. For now part of the 5th section is available in the beta-branch. We want to add more improvements. Probably we put it in the main branch

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5th section beta version. The Cursed Forest v0.7.5.

Finally, we can present to you 5th section beta version! It’s included first half of the 5th section. In the current moment 5th section will be available in the beta-branch, after checking and corrections we will put it in the main branch. In the current version we didn’t saw any critical bugs but: We didn’t

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The Cursed Forest and Autumn sales

Final autumn Steam sales have been started and The Cursed Forest takes part in it! Full release is very soon and released version discount will be less than now so don’t lose this opportunity 😉 About release. In the end of the November we think that we can make a beta-version of the final section

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Happy Halloween! The Cursed Forest v0.7.2.

Happy Halloween! All point to the fact that is the last Halloween that The Cursed Forest will celebrate in the early access. For now, all is going as it was planned. We plan to make release in the second part of November.

The Cursed Forest v0.7.0.

In previous news we announced changes for one of the characters… Now it is time to reveal it. We updated – scarecrow! Changing model from old one to new one wasn’t an easy task, and took pretty long time, we hope you will like it. Also, we added other improvements: Intro was updated We improved

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Summer is started! The Cursed Forest v0.6.6.

For most people summer is the resting season, but for us it is the hottest time of our job. Final section became more near to the full release, just a few things left to do. That makes full release of The Cursed Forest very closely. In current time we mostly concentrated to release last section

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