Halloweeeeeeen News

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We wish you a happy Halloween! Since it is Halloween our team decided to prepare for you a nightmarish present! The third section of our game! “Why is it nightmarish?!” – You may ask. It’s because it is still a beta-version! Unfortunately, we need more time to fix all of the problems (it is really very, very difficult!) and to finish some things that are not yet completed — then we can introduce to you to the full version of section three. But in the meantime our beta-version of the third section invokes the Halloween spirit – spooky bugs and glitches are hiding amongst the trees (like Sarah), and many different strange things are waiting for you. But if you are brave enough, you can write to us (at: feedback@thecursedforest.ru) all about the things that you discover and help us […]

Community News!

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Good day, comrades. We are still working on the game and we plan to release second chapter of The Cursed Forest soon. When? As soon as all critical bugs will be fixed, code cleaned up and levels polished. Meantime, we want to thank our community, which helps us to improve our game. Especially we want to thank wolf, 0xDEFACED and Gemma. Also we would like to thank youtubers: James ツ, PsiSyndicate, Princess, Kahuna Games, cute Junkiecakes and Mira, 수탉 TV, Jim Sterling, and other youtubers (maybe including You)! Thank you all for your help and support. We will work hard to improve our game. Also I will reveal a little secret that now we are working on the intro which will explain how the character appeared in the cursed forest. Stay tuned!

Lunar new year sale and 0.2.0 beta changelog

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The day has finally come! We are ready to present the next part of our game. You are now able to download a beta version of the second section of The Cursed Forest. As this section of the game is still in development there will be some bugs and errors with it. We advise that unless you are interested in helping us test this version, that you wait to play it until a more stable version is released at the end of February. If you can’t wait to play then we would love to hear your feedback!

Christmas news and 0.1.6 fix patchlog.

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Since winter sales are coming The Cursed Forest price will be 30% off! Unfortunately, we couldn’t get software that we need for finish second section right in time. That’s why second section release will be delayed on the first months of the next year. But don’t need to be sad, extra time will help us to improve all what we already have and make a good testing before release second section. In the beginning of the New Year massive update will be waiting for you with many editing, corrections, and full second section. Change list: -Engine version updated to the 3.8.6 -Sight can be turned off -Now you will be able to regulate icon opacity -Sound in the beginning of the second section has been fixed -We added localization for the new buttons -Many disappearance of the small objects near […]

Halloween news + Update 0.1.4

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Good day! Remember our last Halloween surprise? Well this year we have another one in store for you! This Halloween week you can buy our early access game with a 25% discount. This will be perfect if you want to spend Halloween walking around a Cursed Forest without having to leave the comfort of your own home! As another present we have released a new patch! We’re sorry for the delay in releasing this but wanted to add as much into the update as possible by listening to your feedback and fixing the majority of bugs. — Here is a list of the changes made: — Layer optimization has been improved. — The crouch icon is smaller. — The player is now unable to run while crouching. — The jump feature has been enhanced. — The player will be able […]

The Cursed Forest updated (patch 0.1.3).

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Soon the game will be moved into a new version of CryEngine which will solve some of the problems that have appeared. Due to this the next patch will be available within two weeks, if you don’t hear from us in the meantime it’s because we’re very hard at work! Here is a list of issues that thanks to your feedback we have already been able to fix in the game: